One of my passions is to have the greatest impact in my work so I love collaborating with CEOs, entrepreneurs, creatives, government officials, leaders and individuals who are aligning their personal vision with their business to promote balance, productivity and success. My experience managing and leading teams in the fields of entertainment, hospitality, wellness, beauty and education, provides a foundation of creative innovation and implementation of sustainable project design. With training in psychology and the film arts, I bring a creative and intelligent outlook to companies, elevating each one. Areas of integrative expertise shared with executives include:

-Refining Business Vision
-Developing Core Strengths
-Setting Goals and Supporting Progress
-Designing Sustainable Systems
-Social Media Assets and Implementation
-Creating a Positive Working Environment
-Holistic Styling and Color Psychology
-Product Branding and Development
-Resilience in the Workplace
-Relaxation Techniques for Stress
-Managing Work-Life Balance
-Organization and Design for Productivity
-Space Clearing and Cleansing
-Positive Psychology and Non-Violent Communication