I love being a therapeutic professional as there is an opportunity to delve into each person and customize a plan for every individual that supports the best opportunity for growth. I appreciate being able to support individuals and families with wellness coaching, intuitive guidance and integrative counseling. I recognize that each individual has his or her own path of transformation and I love supporting others in moving through layers from their past to arrive in the present, and continue forward. I inspire clients to discover their inner strength, unique purpose and authentic gifts.

My form of counseling provides a general foundation of care for every person to be empowered to feel inspired and nourished. The structure is informed by my background in education, juvenile justice, family empowerment, as well as holistic trainings. As a mind body specialist, I hold a master of arts in psychology, therapeutic dance & yoga studies, healing artistry certifications and have extensive professional experience working with children, adults and families from all backgrounds and life paths.

I offer a caring, heart centered approach to support each person on their path of wellness.